Anti-Discrimination Policy



The purpose of this policy is defined by ANEL A.E. not only the fight but also the prevention of any kind of discrimination based on personal characteristics, particularities and choices as well as any form of violence and harassment during and within the framework provided to ANEL A.E. work of any kind (dependent or not), work or even the provision of independent services, regardless of whether the above discrimination and forms (violence and harassment) are merely related to such works, works and services or arise from them.


This applies and applies without restriction to the following persons: The Managing Director, the executives as well as all the employees / employees with a part-time or indefinite employment contract, as well as those who provide to ANEL A.E. (otherwise COMPANY) services with paid contracts, work, independent services, and finally the practitioners and the apprentices.


The societe anonyme with the name “ ANEL SOLE SHAREHOLDER SA (COMPANY) is explicitly and unequivocally committed that it does not allow discrimination, violence and harassment in the workplace and therefore, with a view to the radical elimination of the above (discrimination, violence and harassment) treats in such a way that in the workplace of the COMPANY always applies, as an inalienable rule, the respect of all to human dignity in general, and in particular the respect of each and every one of the persons of article 2 of the present and Finally, the non-acceptance of behaviors that constitute discrimination based on the characteristics, particularities and choices of the above persons or any form (verbal, psychological, physical, etc. violence or similar form) harassment.

In the context of the above commitment, the COMPANY unequivocally states that it does not allow and in any case prohibits any form of discrimination, violence and harassment, which could occur during the work. More specifically, without the following explanation being exhaustive, the COMPANY categorically prohibits allusions, jokes, obscene jokes or comments, sexual or racist jokes or comments, the use of offensive language, comments about appearance or the , which it is understandable that in any case cause shame or embarrassment. It also prohibits electronic or physical surveillance, verbal-verbal assault, the sending of telephone and / or other electronic text and / or voice messages, including what is posted, accepted and / or disseminated on social media, as well as sending letters or any other appropriate kind, which (messages, posts, etc.) contain any kind of direct or, according to the lessons of common experience, implied sexual and / or racist content. It likewise forbids threats, insults and abusive comments that may be made publicly or privately, the underestimation of the other person’s abilities, either in person or in front of others, persistent or unjustified criticism, cyberbullying and in general enforcement (psychological, verbal and / or physical even with gestures) to another person, offensive and / or persistent questions about one’s age, body weight, marital status, personal life, sexual preferences and interests or preferences, as well as similar questions about his / her race and / or nationality, cultural background and religion or his / her religious feeling in general. It also prohibits sexual gestures and / or persistent proposals for dating or threats, implied and / or direct reports that one’s sexual pleasures and behaviors can advance one’s career and vice versa (that is, refusal to enter into a contract). sexual intercourse can adversely affect his career), rude gestures, touches and any kind of unwanted physical contact. It also prohibits the spread of malicious comments and / or insults, mainly based on judgments and comments about age, body weight, gender, type of marriage, pregnancy and motherhood, any disability, religion, ideology or I believe him. The COMPANY declares that it investigates and manages any relevant complaint, showing zero tolerance for discrimination, violence and harassment, with confidentiality and respect for human dignity. The COMPANY is committed to providing assistance and access to any competent public authority to investigate any such incident. In the event that any of the persons referred to in Article 2 hereof engages in conduct and actions that are prohibited in accordance with the provisions of this Article, the COMPANY declares that appropriate measures will be taken from time to time in order to prevent or prevent a recurrence. incident. For this purpose, the COMPANY declares that in accordance with the provisions of the following articles, it has established a procedure for the receipt of relevant reports and their management and investigation. It also establishes a mechanism for informing the persons of article 2 hereof both regarding the principles of the COMPANY that govern the care, prevention and resolution of issues of violence and harassment at work and regarding the process based on which the above principles are implemented. Finally, the COMPANY expressly prohibits any of the persons referred to in Article 2 hereof or any other third party who may be associated with them (the persons) to take retaliatory action against another employee or third party who is opposed to the violence or in any form of harassment, lodges a complaint, testifies, assists or participates in any incident investigation process.


The persons referred to in Article 2 hereof must adopt and adhere to this policy. This policy applies to workplaces as well as to spaces that are suitable and suitable for corporate meetings, presentations and events, either at the COMPANY’s premises or outside, or in person or online or by telephone. The COMPANY takes all necessary measures to inform and sensitize the staff using the appropriate means (eg printed and electronic material, etc.). to combat violence and harassment, ensuring that everyone is aware of its policy and procedures regarding incidents of violence and harassment and that they know where to turn in the event of violence or harassment. The COMPANY trains its executives to recognize when there are behaviors and actions that constitute prohibited discrimination, violence and harassment at work. It also trains its executives to provide the necessary support to its staff and associates. Home means that the COMPANY encourages the persons referred to in article 2 hereof to report incidents of discrimination, violence and harassment in the workplace, which come to their notice. 


If any of the persons referred to in Article 2 hereof as well as any third party affiliated in any way with the COMPANY considers that he has suffered or has received any of the conduct and / or actions described (not exhaustively) in Article 3 or if he has found that such action and / or behavior takes place in the work environment, he must report in writing to the Managing Director and in case the complaint concerns him / her to the manager of the store or work unit where he / she provides the his work – work – services. The COMPANY states unequivocally that it examines and generally manages all relevant reports and complaints with respect for the personal data of the persons involved and with absolute confidentiality, impartiality and discretion. The persons who have submitted reports will be informed about the receipt of the report and at regular intervals about the progress of the examination of their report. Upon completion of the research, the COMPANY will communicate the results of the research as soon as it is practically possible and appropriate. Complaints of conduct that violate this policy will be accepted in writing, anonymously or anonymously, and will be investigated promptly and thoroughly.

In order to maintain safety at work and the integrity of investigations, the COMPANY may, inter alia, relocate employees or modify their working hours, pending the outcome of the investigation. During this period, partial or total access to buildings and / or facilities may not be permitted. If the result of the investigation shows that there has been an incident of discrimination, violence or harassment or retaliation, the COMPANY will take appropriate corrective, disciplinary and / or other actions against the offender. These actions may include: (a) disciplinary sanctions, (b) change of position, schedule, place or manner of employment, (c) termination of employment contract or cooperation agreement, (d) legal action. In any case, it is pointed out that the offender may also be subject to criminal or civil liability. The COMPANY will cooperate with the competent authorities and will provide relevant information upon request.

This is drafted in accordance with Law 4808/2021 and is applied in parallel with the current general legislation for the protection of the employee’s personality and does not affect his legal rights at the level of civil and criminal legislation, but also the rights to file a Complaint before the competent Audit Beginning.

The COMPANY, takes as much as it can every appropriate measure and makes every reasonable adjustment of working conditions for the protection of employment and the support of workers victims of domestic violence.


Complaints that prove to be manifestly malicious will be considered inadmissible and will be further investigated at the COMPANY’s discretion, both in terms of motivation and stakeholders, in order to restore order by all legal means and means.


All questions related to the implementation or interpretation of this policy should be submitted in writing to the Consultant – Administrator of the COMPANY, ie to Mr. Charalambos Christoforidis. In the event of a change in the person of the Managing Partner, the COMPANY will inform in a timely and appropriate manner all persons involved in this policy and referred to in Article 2 thereof (SCOPE OF THIS POLICY).

Compiled by the societe anonyme with the name “ ANEL SOLE SHAREHOLDER SA as legally represented by its Managing Partner Mr. Christoforidis Charalambos

The Managing Director
Charalampos Christoforidis

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